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Afronita left DWP because of her mother and Endurance – Quables

Quables has brought to light the underlying tensions at DWP Academy, revealing previously unknown disagreements and conflicts among particular dance ensemble members.

Lead dancer Afronitita has announced her departure from the well-known Ghanaian dance group months after the controversies surrounding Dancegod Lloyd's controversial departure. Lloyd was a co-founder of DWP. The dancer, who goes by Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah in real life, said that she was leaving the group for personal goals.

DWP manager Quables, on the other hand, has offered a fresh perspective, implying that Afronita's departure was caused by internal disagreements. During an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, he blamed Afronita's mother for her daughter's decision to leave the group and claimed that she was a major factor.

He stated that Dancegod Lloyd and Afronita "never signed the contract" to join the group. Quables continued, "They didn't want to sign, so I told myself I wouldn't even do it again." However, he continued, "I literally took the girl as my sister."

He went on to say, "Her mother told me that people tell her that this is what a manager is supposed to do, and I have only bought clothes for her daughter once" during the interview.

I feel like I shouldn't be purchasing clothes for your daughter. The comment has mixed a scope of different responses web based, getting many off guard.

Give the video below a watch and let us know what you think.


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