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Africans traveling to Ghana to soon receive free visas – Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo has declared his administration's obligation to carrying out a sans visa strategy for all Africans going to Ghana in 2024.

During the kickoff of the 2024 Africa Thriving Exchange on January 25, the President uncovered that the important cycles for the arrangement's execution have been started.

In his location to members, he recognized the visa necessities for going to the occasion and featured an exceptional plan made for the meeting, lessening the visa procurement expense by half.

"We decreased the visa obtaining charge by half, and we were in this way ready to accept your visa on appearance. The Public authority of Ghana is focused on guaranteeing sans visa access for all Africans going into our nation, and the interaction has started to carry out the arrangement this year."

President Akufo-Addo stressed the Public authority of Ghana's devotion to giving sans visa admittance to all Africans visiting the country, with the execution cycle set to begin this year.

Empowering a basic assessment of such discoursed, the President focused on their significance in satisfying the needs of the confidential area.

“These conversations must critically examine the responsibilities and expectations of the private sector, demand the same from the public sector, and anticipate that both can collaborate to achieve the Africa we want. We should reinforce our purpose to work connected at the hip with our state run administrations in free and fair just frameworks of administration that advance no problem at all, legitimate, and institutional systems. Let us work to convince the small traders, builders, farmers, seamstresses, and others that a single market can also benefit them, he pleaded.

He called for coordinated effort among Africans to reinforce their legislatures inside a free and fair equitable framework.

Furthermore, he encouraged coordinated endeavors to get the help of little brokers and ranchers for the idea of a bound together African market, underscoring its possible advantages for them.

The two-day Africa Thriving Discourse, themed "Creating Flourishing in Africa: Produce, Add, Worth, and Exchange," is being held at the Peduase Cabin. Coordinated by the APN in a joint effort with the Africa Mainland Streamlined commerce Region Secretariat and the Public authority of Ghana, the occasion fills in as a yearly stage for business chiefs, thought pioneers, and political figures to team up on propelling the objective of building the world's biggest single market in Africa.

The Africa Thriving Discoursed were formally taken on by the African Association on February 19, 2023, as a urgent instrument for preparing private area support for the landmass' AfCFTA project.

This choice was made during the 36th Common Meeting of the Gathering of Heads of State and Government.


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