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Actress Borga Sylvia Exposed for Duping Ghanaian Man in Australia Over AUS $25,000

Kumawood actress Borga Sylvia has been exposed for allegedly duping Ghanaian Man in Australia over AUS $25,000, King Gideon Gh.

According to the gentleman, about a couple of decades ago, he was living in Australia with Borga Sylvia’s mother, who he considered as his sister.

He said this is due to the fact that they left Ghana to travel abroad at the same time.

Speaking on Auntie Naa’s show Oyerepa Afutuo, the gentleman said after hustling in Greece for years, he moved to Australia.

It was there that he linked up with Borga Sylvia’s mother.

According to him, at that point he was convinced to marry Borga Sylvia so they both get their papers however he was later duped by her and his family.

He said the whole ordeal cost him over AUS $25,000 and so the only thing he wants is to get his money back.


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