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A High Court Judge Called Johnny Slept With Me Three Times When I Went To Him For A Job – Afia Schwarzenegger Alleges

Afia Schwarzenegger, the self-described Queen of Comedy and controversial loudmouth, has spoken out about how a High Court Judge abused her when she was just graduating from SHS.

Afia Schwarzenegger talked about how bad things were and how her family was struggling and needed help in a video she made herself. She said that she went to the judge and told him that her father was sick and that her mother couldn't help him. She was promised a job and some money by the judge who goes by the name Johnny.

However, the Judge had three separate affairs with her without paying her a cent. She had to walk home because he only dropped her off at a vantage point instead. However, as fate would have it, the Judge passed away suddenly and mysteriously. Ghanaians advised Afia Schwarzenegger earlier this week to stop trying to be funny on social media with her stupid posts.

She claimed in a video that she is the reason people can attack others on social media platforms recently. Afia claims that when she moved to Ghana in 2010 from South Africa, she was the one who educated Ghanaians about freedom of speech. She boasted that she had taught people how to go live on TikTok and other social media platforms to insult their adversaries.

Afia went on to say that because of her, young people have no fear of verbally attacking politicians or high-ranking individuals. Because her content is no longer interesting, some of her fans have responded by requesting that she stop wasting her time on irrelevant activities.


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