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“78% of American gospel musicians are gay” – Sonnie Badu alleges

Ghanaian UK-based gospel performer Sonnie Badu made frightening cases about the American gospel music scene, charging that a huge level of gospel artists in the US are essential for the LGBTQ+ community.

Badu declared that 78% of gospel performers in America distinguish as gay, communicating worries about the effect this might have on the music business and society all in all. He proposed that once people in general becomes mindful of these performers' sexual directions, there might be a change in how their music is gotten and played, especially in chapels.

Sharing his own encounters, Badu described going to a gospel entertainment expo where he was encouraged by one more gospel craftsman to stay quiet about whatever he could observer in regards to the LGBTQ+ people group. He likewise referenced playing it safe in his own family, for example, restricting his youngsters from watching YouTube because of what he sees as unavoidable LGBTQ+ content.

"By and by, in my home, my children don't watch YouTube any longer. There isn't any satisfied without proliferating the LGBTQ+ plan. Indeed, even with Disney World, nothing guiltless is being shown any longer, despite the fact that their endeavor is unpretentious, it lastingly affects the youthful watcher.

"In America, around 78% of gospel performers are gay. At the point when you figure out these performers' characters, I'm certain holy places in Ghana will quit playing their tunes. "An American gospel performer let me know one time at a gospel show that he knows about my sexual direction, so anything that I observer during the show, I ought to hush up about it.

This is something major in the US, even with Priests that many gaze upward to, a large number of them are likewise gay", Sonnie Badu expressed. Badu's remarks come in the midst of progressing discusses and regulative endeavors in regards to LGBTQ+ freedoms, including the new entry of an enemy of LGBT+ Bill by Ghana's parliament, which anticipates official consent.

The bill looks to condemn and punish people engaged with LGBTQ+ exercises, with potential jail sentences for guilty parties. These assertions by Sonnie Badu feature the intricate convergences of music, character, and social issues, igniting conversations about inclusivity, portrayal, and social mentalities towards LGBTQ+ people group.


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