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3 games at 2023 AFCON shouldn’t cost Ghana $3m – Saddick Adams

Saddick Adams, the convener of the #SaveGhanaFootball demonstration, has raised worries about Ghana's expenditure of $3 million on only three games during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

He featured that a critical part of the AFCON costs are covered by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). During a meeting on Newsfile on Saturday, February 17, Mr. Adams mentioned that the Ghana Football Association (GFA) only covers a few items, whereas CAF covers a significant portion of the costs. He made sense of that assuming CAF deals with 40 contingent individuals from the Dark Stars and the GFA wishes to add 10 more, the GFA bears the costs for those extra individuals. "So how would we think of such figures? Thus, my anxiety has been that throughout the long term, the Games Priests simply come to Parliament, and it is truly challenging to get hold of the subtleties, and Satan is consistently in the subtleties.

"We never get to realize who got this. How could we show up at this figure? Since a sweeping 3,000,000 bucks in spending won't get the job done without diving into the subtleties," he expressed. Mr. Adams tested the declaration that Ghana saved $3 million from the AFCON, featuring that Ghana was dispensed with during the gathering phases of the competition. He underlined the significance of straightforwardness in unveiling the breakdown of how the $3 million was distributed.

"I believe that before we might appropriately cross examine this expenditure of 3,000,000 bucks, which I believe is exaggerated, we want to get the subtleties of what went into it," he said.


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