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25 arrested for assaulting police officers in Kwahu

The Ghana Police Service has apprehended 25 people connected to an attack on its officials and the defacing of properties in Kwahu Bepong, Eastern Region.

According to reports, the arrested individuals attacked police officers and destroyed the neighborhood.

The police were called to mediate and reestablish request after inhabitants assumed control over issues to address a supposed homicide suspect.

Communicating discontent with police mediation, a few occupants tossed stones at the officials and harmed their cruisers. Accordingly, a support group teamed up with neighborhood police to carry quiet to the area.

The police, in a proclamation, referenced that the circumstance has been standardized, and endeavors are in progress to secure different suspects for legal procedures.

An exhaustive record of the episode will be conveyed at the appropriate time, as expressed by the police.


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