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20-year-old lady sentenced to death for fatally stabbing her friend in an act of self-defense

A generally coursed video uncovered the frightening individual difficulty of Zelia Sulemana, prompting her condemning to death row after a demonstration of self-defence.

Zelia, warmly known, related a warmed quarrel with her companion Rawdia that took a deadly turn. Zelia made sense of that the question raised when Rawdia, her companion, utilized a blade to cut her multiple times in various pieces of her body. While trying to guard herself, Zelia figured out how to incapacitate Rawdia and caused a deadly injury simultaneously, prompting Rawdia's unfavorable demise.

Following the episode, Zelia ended up in the slammer and later confronted a court preliminary, bringing about a death row sentence. Zelia communicated her side of the story, stating, "We had a verbal battle, it heightened, she cut me multiple times.

I fought back once, and tragically, it proved deadly for my companion.

Rawdia's family still can't seem to pardon me." The awful new development featured the intricacies encompassing self-defense cases and the significant results that can emerge from such showdowns.

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