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11-year-old author builds e-library for Methodist school in Ghana

Sarah Afua Kittoe, a 11-year-old British Ghanaian author, has as of late satisfied a commitment she made months prior to fabricate a library for a school in Ghana.

During her debut visit to Ghana at ten years old, she swore her help to Holy person Paul's Methodist Private academy in Tema. Sarah has now finished a full e-library and PC lab for the school, with plans underway for an actual book library. Sarah's magnanimous excursion started right on time, as she had proactively wrote and distributed three books by the age of nine.

These books incorporate "The Friendship Club", "Lindsey and the Blue Fox", and "Sarah Kittoe's Colouring Book" for babies.

Her fourth book, "Ama and the Lost Key", which includes a Ghanaian subject, is set to be sent off on Saturday, April 6, 2024, at Croydon Library in London. Sarah gives all returns from her book deals to good cause, supporting Centrepoint, a foundation led by Ruler William, and the Wednesday Club at West Croydon Methodist Church.

Sarah's obligation to Holy person Paul's Methodist Private academy in Tema was ignited by the unfortunate state of the school library. Still up in the air to have an effect, she gave duplicates of her books to the school and left on making a cutting edge library. In only a half year, she finished the e-library project, outfitting the school with 20 new HP Personal computers preinstalled with Jemdroid Learning Applications.

Sarah likewise gave new work areas and seats to the library and delivered 13 huge boxes of books to Ghana, making way for the actual library project. In London, Sarah started an effective pledge drive, getting gifts of books and assets from liberal people and organizations to help her goal. With the arrival of "Ama and the Lost Key," Sarah declared that returns from its deals would likewise be coordinated towards admirable missions.

Her most recent book takes perusers underneath Ghana's dusty sands, where a brilliant key untruths lost. The story follows Ama, a little kid on a journey to open the mysteries monitored by this confounding key.

While the key commitments unbelievable abundance and life changing potential, Ama's process unfurls with examples on solidarity inside Ghana's brilliant land.


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