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100 acres of Ghana’s largest cashew farm destroyed by fire

Over 100 acres of the 1000-acre cashew farm in Vakpo Dzogbega, which is in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region, have been destroyed by fire.

This homestead, considered the biggest cashew undertaking in the nation, faces an expected deficiency of GHC1.5 million because of the damaging blast. As per Mr. Patrick Denka, the Assistant Farm Manager, the fire struck similarly as the cashew trees were starting to prove to be fruitful. The out of control fire, thought to be brought about by trackers, happened on February 16 close to 1500 hours, bringing about the deficiency of in excess of 4,000 developed cashew trees. Mr. Denka communicated worry that the enduring trees might yield lower amounts from here on out.

The demolition was obvious, with various trees bearing ready organic products totally consumed by the blazes, as seen by the Ghana News Organization (GNA). The CEO of the Bui Power Authority, Mr. The farm's owner, Kofi Dzamesi, expressed regret over the setback caused by the fire and highlighted the potential loss of GHC1.5 million. He announced the episode to the police and expected the participation of customary pioneers to forestall such occurrences later on.

Communicating disappointment about the absence of protection inclusion for crop ranchers in the nation, Mr. Dzamesi asked the public authority to step in and support ranch undertakings against fire and other possible misfortunes.

I'm not sure if this is because of ignorance or pure wickedness. What we cannot deny is that the bosses are behind us. They gave us the land and we will look for their intercession to resolve the issue of shrubbery consuming," he said. "It is hard to get insurance agency to protect ranches, thus the State should come in to help huge scope ranches". He accentuated the trouble in getting protection for ranches and called for state mediation to defend huge scope farming activities.


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